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MADRS is a group of volunteers from all walks of life who are dedicated to help preserve this much loved native species for the future. We very much rely on public reports of sightings of red and grey squirrels to help us do this. Please take a look at our site and learn some more about this lovely animal….

Welcome to the web site of Morpeth And District Red Squirrels (MADRS)  Red Squirrels and how to help.

The native red squirrel (sciurus vulgaris) has been in decline across the UK for many years…

Grey Squirrels - the problem.

Grey squirrels (sciurus carolensis) are actually native to North America and were introduced into…  


Vital to our work is an accurate picture of where the red and the grey squirrels are. Please take the time to click  HERE and fill out our quick online form and let us know what you’ve seen.  Thank you.

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